Det kom ett brev

Dear Herren und Frauen, 

Without further ado: 

Attention! Due from Friday July 5, 2013. Achtung! توجه  

I would just like to announce my new title I will have from this day: “Dr. iur” (yes – it is Latin).
This exclusive title is obtained after 3 years of PhD studies and more than 300 pages (equals 12 doctoral degrees on some medical institutions). 
This means that whenever we socialize, I aspect you to add my title when addressing me (or else I will ignore you)  🙂 It also includes such simple situations as when you want to have the ball from me in volleyball or innebandy: If you want to have the ball – you got to make the call! 
Nonetheless, until I get the “Prof.”, I will not be too strict or picky: “Dr. xxxx” or, whenever we share a beer or go out and are casual, “Dr. Martin”, will be enough… 🙂 

Thank you for your kind and generous co-operation! 

Kind regards, 

Jur. Dr. Martin xxx, LL.M. (Göteborg), LL.M. (xxx)

När man får ett sånt här fint brev så känns det som man fått ett brev från Kungen kan jag berätta.

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